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2022-11-11: Fever thoughts

Reactivating the blog to mention that I'm on Mastodon.

A lot happened this year, met somebody that I could imagine spending some more time with the next few years, and now the challenge is to stick around here.

That's all for today, I'll post again once I'm in better shape.

2021-12-05: Le vent se lève

Some days ago I decided to finally merge my hosting provider accounts to post an update here.

The last five months I was vaccinated and the last three it was realistic to do stuff again. I had quite the checklist, learn to play tennis at least a bit, take up dancing again, and of course impro.

Glad I got to do all of that (if you know me you know what I left out to manage expectations) before we’re all at home again.

To think that the beginning of my working life was mostly a never ending holding pattern, the turbulence brought forth by this global health crisis may finally have had some effects. Starting with the solidarity and doing what needs to be done while at my wits’ end, followed by a period of euphoria before the damning realization that a big part of the population were not really as intent on being done with all this as I was, I’m in a different place. Let’s hope it’s for the better.

Hans Moleman: You stole 4 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back

2018-08-12: Bruges

Long time no post. But I had some holidays last week so I thought I’d share.

I already visited Bruges with family a few years ago, but this time I decided to go at it in a different configuration.

I walked up the Belfry and looked down on the busy marketplace

In the Groeningemuseum I saw some of the works of Gustave Marissiaux that I quite liked.

Of course there was a lot of beer drinking involved but the problem is that that impacts my energy levels too much, but what can you do, it’s what Belgium is known for.

Those energy levels are also a mayor concern for me right now - the things I need to do right now mostly require to stick around for a long time, something that I only know to do with a laptop and work.

2017-07-18: Botch-up

What to do this week:

Always roll forward.

2017-07-02: Dedication

I had a lot of fun projects these last 6 months. But it was mostly to pass the time. If I could only bring up the same stubbornnes for non-computer-related projects I could be happy. But the rapid feedback loop is either not there or really scary.

Rainy Sunday in Bern.